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PANPAN smart drying and appearance at the 23rd Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, blowing up the new storm in the drying industry!

Panpan Smart Airing (PANPAN) is a domestic high-end smart drying home brand, “Top Ten Brands in the Drying Industry”. After more than ten years of precipitation, it has become one of the national professional drying brands.

Panpan smart drying and appearance at the 23rd Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, the information is as follows:
Exhibition Name: The 23rd China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition
Exhibition time: June 4-8
Exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Panpan smart drying booth number: W4D15

Guangdong Fangyuan Panpan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. originated in 2001. In the early years, the main business of manufacturing and R&D drying racks was established. In 2006, the “Panpan” brand was created, and it has been more than ten years old. Panpan Smart Airing (PANPAN) is a high-end intelligent drying and drying home brand in China. It is an innovative enterprise that is loyal to the spirit of traditional craftsmen and constantly pursues internationalization. By 2018, there have been six series of products including digital remote control, hand-lifting, landing movement, and outdoor sliding. The nearly 100 million square meters of Panpan headquarters, which is built around 40 million square meters, is located in Foshan Lishui, which is known as the “dream town”. Its distributors are spread all over the country, and its products are sold to more than 10 countries around the world. And area.

So far, Panpan has obtained more than a dozen national patents, and its strong R&D strength has made Panpan synonymous with “smart”, “silent” and “big load-bearing” drying. Not only has it caused a huge sensation in the industry, but it has also been imitated by many brands.

In 2009, the company invested heavily in hiring the famous movie star Ms. Huang Shengyi as the “Panpan” brand ambassador, which significantly improved the popularity of Panpan and the trust of consumers. In 2018, Panpan and Huang Shengyi will work together for ten years. The two sides will cooperate sincerely to create a warm, happy and happy home atmosphere, and jointly create a smart drying with temperature.

Patented motor

2017 is a year of rapid development of Panpan: In this year, the “Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motor” independently developed by Panpan Intelligent Drying Research Team has been successfully developed for more than ten years. For the intelligent drying industry, micro-motor industry, is an epoch-making innovation. At the same time, the automatic motor production line has been put into production, and Panpan relying on technology has become the leader in the drying industry.

Drying industry top ten brands

In the same year, Panpan won the honor of “Top Ten Brands in China's Drying Hanger Industry”, and Pan Guozheng, Chairman of Panpan, won the honor of “Top Ten Outstanding Zhejiang Merchants”. These glory are the affirmation of Panpan’s smart drying, which not only shows Panpan is the leader of the industry and has more expectations for this thriving company.

Panpan exhibition hall renderings

Panpan will always adhere to the brand operation concept of “Quality creates brand, innovation promotes brand, reputation brand and brand”, and will always take the sustainable development of the drying rack industry as its responsibility. It will always build Panpan into a globally renowned company. The goal of drying the home brand is to make unremitting efforts, keep making progress, and constantly break through and surpass. The company will always take “integrity” as the starting point, “differentiated and refined marketing” as the starting point, “mutual benefit and win-win” as the core, adhering to the “artisan spirit”, and spreading the intelligent drying to thousands of households for global intelligence. The progress of the drying industry contributes to the power of Panpan!

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