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[Annual Review] Panpan 2018 End of Inventory

2018 has passed

Time is like a white gap

Looking back, I’m looking at it.

Forty years of reform and opening up

Created the prosperity of the motherland today

Eighteen years of hard work

Write a look forward to the wonderful Huazhang

2018, this year
We create breakthroughs in the cold winter
Strive for the tide of the new era
This moment, let time go back
Let us review together
This extraordinary 2018


——Intelligent drying with temperature
Charity is a reflection of corporate social responsibility
Panpan and Guangdong Lions Club
Entering the Nanhai Welfare Center
Charity to send warmth
This kind of charity and panpan
Smart drying with temperature
Mutual fit
The same for Panpan to build itself into
a responsible and responsible company

——Hangzhou branch was established, Panpan e-commerce brand new start!
——Guangzhou Branch was established, and the new marketing model was launched!

Hangzhou branch established

Marking the new start of Panpan E-commerce
Guangzhou branch established
The new marketing model is fully launched
Leading the industry in new ways
Panpan strength is increasing day by day
Moving towards grouping



- Image blockbuster, world premiere

Family culture is the corporate culture 

New image film
Through the spokesperson Huang Shengyi
Put our understanding of home
Pass to more people
I hope that Pan Pan smart drying
Let you feel the warmth of home


——The road is the same as the new, the wisdom wins the future; Panpan National Distributors Conference is successfully held
——Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Exhibition & Jiaxing Ceiling Exhibition will be open, and Panpan will blow up the industry storm
—— Fully introduce active marketing system, market activities help terminal

Be a brand, we are serious
Professionalism, quality, value, win-win, innovation
We speak by strength
This year

Double exhibition and open, play the Twin Cities
Active marketing, activate the market

Industry recognition, brand recognition
Comprehensive improvement, rapid development

Foreign Trade

————Alibaba International Station has been upgraded and the international market has set sail

Newly built Alibaba International Station
Based on domestic
Looking to the global drying market
Brand new image, new launch
In order to build Panpan into
Global drying famous brand
And constantly struggle



——The “Double Eleven” online record of nearly 25 million, ranked second in the drying rack category

2018, e-commerce brand new start
The restart is late but later
Double Eleven major breakthrough
In one fell swoop, won the second sales volume of drying racks
Marking Panpan online and offline
Full sailing
Advancing towards diversification and grouping


——More than ten years ago, I will try my best to create a 23-degree service.

Because I want to let love continue to appreciate
So we make the service more attentive
Because you know how to love your family.
So we make the service more intimate
Because of the insistence on word of mouth
So we keep the treasure in every detail.


Bearing in mind 2018, we walked together
Thanks to the family who came along with Panpan.
Thank you for accompanying Pan Panfeng
Looking forward to 2019, we will go hand in hand
Create a more dynamic future
We will continue to struggle
a more brilliant hope
Compose the Huazhang of Panpan

2019, we are coming!

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