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PANPAN smart drying 2019 global dealer conference held successfully

2019 Panpan Smart Air Drying Global Distributors Conference

We are ushered in an unprecedented
Panpan Global Dealer Conference

Panpan family from all over the world
Co-heading together Foshan, China
Beautiful Fontaine Egret Hotel

At 8:30, the national dealers and family members entered the market one after another.


[Change and win the future]
Chairman and general manager Zhang Guozheng

At 9 o'clock, the dealer conference officially began. Mr. Zhang Guozheng, the chairman and general manager of the company, welcomed the arrival of dealers from all over the world and sent sincere blessings and cordial greetings.
In the later review of the comprehensive work in 2018, Zhang pointed out that companies need to constantly change in order to adapt to the market and to face competition more calmly. It is a comprehensive analysis of the market from the multi-dimensional aspects of industry, home environment and national economic environment.
In the speech of Zhang Zong, I also felt the progress of the company in the field of e-commerce, and laid the foundation for the follow-up company's new strategy.


[Change and win the future]
Deputy General Manager of the company Shen Lianzhen

Mr. Shen Lianxi, the deputy general manager of the company, sent a warm greeting to the full-fledged state, igniting the global dealer family present.
In the later 2018 work review, Mr. Shen made a thorough analysis of the current situation of global customers from the perspectives of the times, environment and mentality. Starting from the idea of changing the situation, it has brought new thinking to the global distributors, and pointed out that it is necessary to keep learning to keep up with the pace of the times.


[Change and win the future]
He Yong, Marketing Manager

Mr. He Yong, the manager of the marketing department of the company, made a 2018 annual marketing work summary report, and made a comprehensive analysis of the national marketing situation in 2018, summing up the experience and gains and looking forward to the future.


[Change and win the future]
Mao Jianping, Marketing Promotion Manager

Mr. Mao Jianping, the marketing manager of the company, conducted an analysis of the activities in 2018, and made a profound summary and interpretation of the activities themselves, and announced the plans of the marketing department in 2019.

Time goes into the afternoon, and our excitement continues.


[Change and win the future]
Wen Yipu, senior technical engineer of the company

Wengong made 2019 new products for the family, from the perspective of professional designers, to explain the design concepts and product selling points for the family, so that the family can better bring new products to the market.

Subsequently, the company's deputy general manager, Mr. Shen, shared the "New Retail, New Game" to the family. Restructure the marketing in a new model that has never been seen before in the industry. The core concept: Everyone is a communicator, everyone is a marketer, and everyone is a consumer.

Shen total analysis, 2018 new normal: customers are diverted, business is diverted; large investment, less output; higher customer costs; higher requirements for operators; more and more fierce competition; The more picky; the money is getting harder to earn, and the more you earn, the less you earn.
It is very necessary for the company's operations to shift from heavy assets to light assets. It is imperative to introduce new models. Active marketing has hope, and the operation of the standard and system will have a future.

Later, Mr. Shen shared the "shared factory, a total of big business." O2O new model. As the name suggests: share the resources of the factory, work together, achieve each other, and become a big business. At the same time, I hope that the family will join together, play together, and win together.

[Change and win the future]

The general manager of the company made a keynote speech on "changing and winning the future". Zhang said that the launch of the new model is not groundless, but the valuable theoretical results that the company has made after intensive research in the past six months. Mr. Zhang is confident in the Panpan new model. And high hopes for the development of Panpan 2019.

At this point, Panpan smart drying 2019 global distributor conference
Come to an end,
Will be "Pan Pan"
a year of hardship
Inheriting the past
Going forward
Panpan will usher in a new development opportunity
in this new year
Panpan people will take advantage of the new model to the extreme
Let us work together
Change and win the future!

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